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I came to India a number of years ago for the sole purpose of visiting a foreign country. At that time, I had no intention of returning or living here.

However, never in my wildest imagination did I ever think that I would build a house and live here.

But, here I am.

Oliver Beauchemin

Oliver in India

Photographer, Wanderer , Blogger

The posts on this website say it all – Oliver in India. You will see photos of places I have been to, friends I have traveled with. When I’m not traveling, I’m in a very remote village that has never seen a tourist. So remote that my home has none of the amenities that one would like to have in a home-away-from home. 

Although I have contributed to the building of the home where I live, I have no ownership stake in the property. This is because, according to the government of India, a foreigner – that’s me, Oliver in India – cannot own immovable property

My work remains in America and outside of the USA, I have no business interests. However, I have given guidance and support to some Indian friends who have gone on to higher education and, in one instance, has established his own Pvt. Ltd. company – that’s like LLC in the USA. I’m very proud of him!

While I am in India, my main distraction is reading and playing with Hindi.  I’m not at all proficient in Hindi, but I can make myself understood and order food in a restaurant and ask for directions to the bathroom – what more do I need?

You have probably guessed that there is no television here. I don’t really need a TV when there are books and good friends. Anyway, mobile apps keep me apprised of what’s happening elsewhere.

Lastly, there is a river near my village where the deceased are brought to the bank for cremation. It’s entirely possible that my final destination will be a trip to that river bank.

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