3 Red Fish - have nothing to do with anything. But, I was proud of them.

The morning following our arrival at the Halcyon hotel, Raj came to pick us up and deliver us to a planned business meeting.

Keep in mind that I had no business…I was just along for the ride and to visit India. My two companions however, did have a series of business meeting which I attended because I didn’t have anything else to do and, honestly, I was interested.

During the first business meeting with Mr. M, the Joint Managing Director, I sat quietly in the back of the spacious office next to the aquarium.

I was as quiet as the fish while the meeting carried on. Mr. M was a lot younger than I thought for someone who was conducting international business.

Dressed in suit and tie. even though the Indian weather suggests this has to be terribly uncomfortable, he was engaging and inquiring about all aspects of my companions’ business.

I just sat there, listened and watched the fish.

If you have studied a foreign language, you know that frequently there is a phrase that recurs a number of times. When I studied French, the phrase was “La plume de ma tante est sur le bureau de mon oncle.”

I have no idea why that was the oft repeated phrase or when anyone would ever have occasion to say “My aunt’s pen is on my uncle’s desk.”

The phrase that Rosetta Stone was using was “There are three red fish.” Now, I would never say this in English; maybe you would, but I can’t conceive of any time that I would ever say that.

I would be more likely to say, “My aunt’s pen is on my uncle’s desk.”

As the meeting concluded, Mr. M looked at me and said, “So, Oliver, what about you?”

I looked back at Mr. M’s inquiring gaze and thought, it’s now or never. And, in my best Hindi, well, what I thought was best Hindi, I said, “There are three red fish” as I pointed to the aquarium.

“Oh my God,” Mr. M exclaimed. “You’re speaking Hindi!”

I was ecstatic that my Hindi, my first spoken Hindi, had been understood. WOW!

And then I proceeded to answer his question but that part has long since left my memory while the red fish remain.

3 Red Fish meet Stumpp Schuele Somappa Springs
Stumpp, Schuele & Somappa, Pvt. Ltd.

The #1 Spring Maker

Stumpp, Schuele & Somappa are a part of the MG Brothers Group, a 60 year old enterprise which has various businesses such as Transportation, Auto Dealerships, Agriculture & Real Estate to name a few.

With a capacity to convert 20,000 tons of steel into springs each year; Stumpp, Schuele & Somappa is the “Number 1” spring maker of high quality springs in India. Established in 1960, Stumpp, Schuele and Somappa was the first spring manufacturing unit in the sub continent. SSS has the capability of manufacturing 0.15mm wire diameter to 26mm wire diameter, for the automotive and various other industries the world over and with 10 plants manufacturing more than 4,000 varieties of springs, we have in our fold over 600 skilled professionals who are committed to quality and excellence.

3 Red Fish - "You're speaking Hindi," saidRavi Machani
The then Joint Managing Director

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